Are you up to this?

Come on, let’s play the game.
It is getting quite interesting,
though with you and me anything would be.
Don’t avoid it, there’s so much for you to win.

Let’s look for hidden meanings in the songs.
Read between the lines and decipher the message.
Though for me, all lyrics speak about you anyway.
Do they tell you about me too?

Of course it’s risky,
it wouldn’t be fun otherwise!
But you already know the beauty of making houses of cards on top of the clouds,
seeing where each one ends up is part of the thrill.
And we’re already by the third deck.

So come, just fuck me already.
Make the mistake, act on a dare.
I dare you to ask me to stop, cause I know you won’t.

I might count to ten, and go look for you.
So go and keep hiding, but not that well so I can find you.
Leave me a trail (your clothes on the floor will do),
or just let me peek through my fingers as I count.

Let’s runaway from the possibilities and elope to the world created under own rules.
I won’t let anyone be my judge. Will you?
So come out and play.
I’m eager to start a new round and see who’s victorious at the end.



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