the castle inside

Two front doors, as tall as the sky;
a castle of dreams, of hopes, of love.
A dungeon buried deep,
with anger, hatred and ghosts of the past.
Many roam its rooms and hallways,
sadness and happiness take turns to sleep,
oft they fight when they run into each other.
The watchtower stores the dreams
and looks for signs in the stars.
Reason controls the mechanisms and devices,
like an expert puppeteer pulling the strings.
But reason was executed and unable to be reborn.
The sinners wreak havoc in every room,
madness set them free.
For anxiety took the throne by treason,
it’s poisonous silver tongue defeated hope,
took my heart as a hostage
and turned my dreams against me.
The strings are manipulated by fear,
the bridges are up and anger took the guns.
Frustration is the new commander,
and the dragon of despair guards the spirit of loneliness.
And you… you are faraway.
Too far to see me,
too far to hear my call for help.
But even from a distance,
the sight of your smile,
the sound of your voice
is enough to melt hope’s icy prison
and light a spark in my eyes.
If you only knew.



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