Hiding, in plain sight

sometimes words are more that just a string of characters.
they have meanings, multiple layers of intentions.
a declaration of principles,
the unmasking of my purposes.
[but it all depends on the other person understanding that.
and being willing to receive it.]
it’s always been there.
the compliment on your smile only to see it again,
purposely making up excuses
(come on, it’s evident!).

it’s not simple, it never is.
– sentences have been misplaced just for the sake of the message. –
filling these lines with pointless text just to keep you hanging around five more seconds.

every careful unplanned step.
stepping on stones,
making mistakes,
auto-sabotage, because I got nervous.
I might not win, but this game makes me happy
so I won’t stop.
one more step,
and then another.
we’re already on the dancefloor.
[and just so you know, this message is for you.
come on, it’s fucking obvious!]



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