All this time, trapped inside these tunnels. No air, no light. No trees and no sky. Wandering through the infinite labyrinth; marking the walls and holding a thread in my other hand. Where is the exit? When will I find a way back to everything I left behind?

I came down here, escaping from them. I ran through the entrance, as fast as I could until they disappeared… from sight, from my memory, from my mind and from reality. I got lost, but I didn’t mind; I just wanted to go deeper. They were following me and escaping was the sole alternative. Deep down, I got to a place where not even I could find myself anymore. Time passed without realizing; it did not make any difference to me. Until I started missing what I left behind.

So many things I left. So many things I don’t even remember. The air, the light. The sky and the trees. My freedom, my thoughts, my mind. They are still out there, waiting for the time I go back. Ready to attack, to capture me the moment I step outside and never let go of me again. But I’ve ran for too long. I’m been lost to the point I might not find myself anymore. If I ever find myself, if I find my way out, I’ll stand up to them. As I should have from the first place. My memories, my fears: they will haunt me forever. They will always be with me, so I escaped from myself to get away. Now I’ll stand up, I’ll retake control and make peace with them. And if I do not succeed, at least I’ll have tried. No more hiding in these tunnels.



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