Búsqueda y conecciones

I’ve been searching, looking;
wandering through empty streets,
through alleys and groves.
I still haven’t found it, haven’t found you;
because the streets are empty,
because I’d rather be lost in the forest than run in to people.

But will I ever find you?
will you ever see me behind this mask?

I cannot take it off,
people would see me,
people would recognize me.
Each and every one of them, behind their own masks.

And I want to show you,
slowly, carefully.
Will you understand it?
will you see me?
will you notice me in spite of my veil?

I hope you find me
among the crowd,
despite my mask.
I hope the time is right,
for you not to pass by,
for you to take a moment and a pay attention.
And I pray for you to understand,
for you to give me an image that is true to myself,
an image that not even I know.



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